Anthon Berg Chocolate with Marzipan & Cherry in Rum Filling

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Anthon Berg Chocolate with Marzipan & Cherry in Rum Filling showcases the marriage of Fruit in Marzipan that has stood the test of time and we think will live happily ever after. The finest marzipan found the Cherry and rum filling irresistible so they decided to tie the knot. To celebrate we covered them in smoothly delicious dark chocolate.

Anthon Berg began his journey with cocoa beans in 1884 and within 2 years, added marzipan to the mix. By the early 1900's, liquor covered in sugar had become a big hit abroad, and in 1922 Anthon Berg’s take on it is introduced. The chocolate version quickly becomes popular and within a couple of years there are 12 varieties to choose from. Due to its popularity with the Danish Royal family, Anthon Berg is awarded Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court in 1957. The combination of fruit, liqueur and marzipan is launched in the 1960s and shortly thereafter, small bottles of dark chocolate are filled with liquor. Anthon Berg continues their innovation in chocolate products, ensuring that the chocolate is just as delicious today as it was back then.

Net Weight: 215g. / 7.58oz.
Country of Origin: Denmark