The History of Shortbread

Originally dating from the 12th Century, as a type of sweet biscuit bread, with the more modern refinement of the recipe credited to Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th Century, shortbread was originally reserved for celebrations such as weddings, christenings and for family gatherings at Christmas and Hogmanay.

Although shortbread is made in many countries it is perhaps most synonymous with Scotland and is often seen as the flagship of Scottish food. This is perhaps because whilst cakes and other butter biscuits are made around the world, the Scottish examples were judged to be the world's finest. Almost every country produces their own version of the 'butter biscuit' a simple combination of butter, flour, sugar and salt, only the Scottish examples were recognised as the finest examples in the world.

And Walkers Shortbread is perhaps better known than any other company in the world for the quality of its shortbread. Starting from just a single bakery, the company some 116 years later is still based in Aberlour, Speyside although production is somewhat bigger now. Walkers still uses the same traditional recipe baking with only the finest ingredients possible. All products are guaranteed to be free from artificial preservatives, colorings and additives.