Strega Torroncini Teneri Assorted Gift Tins

by Strega
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Strega Torroncini Teneri Assorted Gift Tins contains small, individually wrapped pieces of assorted soft nougats, covered with chocolate and packed in a beautiful gift tin.

Each tin contains 5 different tastes:
Torroncini Strega (flavored with Strega Italian Liqueur (alcohol-free)),
Vanilla Torroncini (covered with white chocolate),
Dark Chocolate Torroncini,
Coffee-flavoured Dark Chocolate Torroncini, and
Lemon-flavoured Vanilla Torroncini.

NOTE: Please specify the tin (Red, Yellow or Lady) you prefer in the Special Instructions section on the cart page. Please be advised that we will do our best to provide you with your choice, as long as that color tin is available.

The producer of the famous Liquore Strega “Witch’s Liqueur” for more than 150 years, has also successfully given itself to the production of the both nougat and chocolate. Benevento is the traditional home of “torrone” nougat: an ancient, sweet specialty which they produce using only the finest ingredients such as Millefiori Honey, almonds from Bari and hazelnuts from Campania. Different recipes and baking techniques vary the consistency of the torrone. They can therefore produce traditional, crumbly yet crunchy torrone, as well as the softer torrone which totally melts in your mouth. A wide range of varieties... and among them some are enriched with the finest chocolate or flavoured with citrus fruits or liqueurs. With the addition of pistachios and other dried fruits, together with the soft sponge biscuits, they are rendered even more special. They pride themselves on the extremely high quality of their ingredients, worked into the best torrone with skill and passion by the expert hands of their torrone masters: they define themselves as a major company that still uses artisan methods today...this is why their torrone is so good!

For Alberti Confectionery, magic is the key word in their laboratory and in their way of performing the sweet confectionery art. The magic lies in the most precious, high quality ingredients from around the world. The magic resides in the ancient traditions, handed down for generations, in their Italian creativity and in their regional touch. The magic also stands in their brand’s history, led since 1860 by a true passion for skillfully made things and artisanal know-how.

The entire range of their products is made with selected raw materials of the finest quality. They personally and carefully supervise: the processing of the chocolate to ensure a unique taste, the dried fruit , toasted and ground to make it more fragrant; the sponge cake to make it softer; the alcoholic filling for the chocolates to give them a strong taste. Alberti’s mission is to follow tradition and to guarantee their consumers a product with a simple, natural and authentic taste.

Net Weight: 500g. / 1.1 lbs.
Country of Origin: Italy