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In 1894, the confiser Henry Schwermer, who had previously studied at the legendary Café "Kranzler" in Berlin, founded the company in Königsberg / East Prussia. The coffee house with a confectionery, soon became a popular meeting point andspecialized in the production of Königsberger marzipan, high-quality chocolates and its specialty tree cake. For his exquisite and gorgeous Baumkuchen creations, Henry Schwermer even received the Gold Medal at the Paris World Exposition in 1900. After the death of the company founder in 1918, his daughter Charlotte Stiel took over the thriving company. When Schwermer had to leave Königsberg after the Second World War the company moved to Bad Wörishofen. In 1996, the great grandson of the company founder, Peter Stiel, took over the management of the family business in a fourth generation. Since the end of January 2017, Schwermer has been part of the Swiss company HEIDI Chocolat Group AG.
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