Chile Colonial Chile Crunch

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Chile Colonial Chile Crunch is a medium hot crunchy spice that is smoky and infused with just the right amount of heat. This unique product is made in small batches from a savory blend of all natural ingredients: fresh roasted chiles, garlic, onion and spices sautéed in canola oil.

Serve the condiment with grilled meat or fish, or place a teaspoon atop a mound of fresh ricotta. There's not much Chile Crunch doesn't improve upon, including guacamole, artichoke dip, hummus, soups, pizza, tacos, pasta, stir-fries and scrambled eggs. Chile Crunch effortlessly transforms any food into a flavor-packed experience. It’s so good it's addictive!

Susie Hojel, the creator of Chile Crunch, was raised in Mexico City where an incredible diversity of spices and chiles, influenced by native (Aztec and Mayan) as well as European (Spanish and French) cuisines, are the base for many different types of dishes and salsas. Susie set out to combine the spices and chiles from several of her favorite salsas into a single creation, thus Chile Crunch was born!

Try Ms. Hojel's favorite appetizer: mix Chile Crunch with a little olive oil, grated Parmesan, a splash of balsamic vinegar and some chopped parsley, and serve it with a fresh baguette.

Net Weight: 227 g. / 8.01 oz.
Country of Origin: USA