Lebkuchen Schmidt Marzipan Mini Elisen

Lebkuchen Schmidt Marzipan Mini Elisen


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Where the finest marzipan meets exquisite Elisen Lebkuchen, a completely new taste experience is created. Of course, the dough of Elisen Lebkuchen contains almonds, as well as many nuts. But the slightly bitter sweetness of marzipan - a very special almond paste - refines our Mini-Elisen Lebkuchen once again in a very special way. 

Incidentally, marzipan probably comes from Persia, from where it took Europe by storm in the 13th century via Venice, the most famous and largest trading center for exotic foods and spices at that time. Lübeck, Königsberg in present-day Russia and Toledo in Spain achieved world fame with their own marzipan specialties.

Those who like marzipan will love our Marzipan Mini-Elisen. Order a few packs to try or to give away to marzipan fans in your circle of friends!

Net Weight: 150 g. / 5.3 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany