Lebkuchen Schmidt Dominos
Lebkuchen Schmidt Dominos
Lebkuchen Schmidt Dominos
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Lebkuchen Schmidt Dominos

Lebkuchen Schmidt Dominos


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Snacking is part of the Christmas season, and one of the most popular sweet treats is the delicious Domino. This variety of Gingerbread features a convincing combination of the fruity sweetness of filling with Brown Lebkuchen dough and dark chocolate.

For all those who are not fans of marzipan, we have created a special Domino edition without the almond paste. Several layers of Brown Lebkuchen are separated by fine fruit jelly and dipped in delicious chocolate. Layer-by-layer, a pleasure for your palate!

Snack on the tasty Dominos yourself or serve them to your guests with coffee, tea or mulled wine (also available in our online shop). They also fit wonderfully into a St. Nicholas bag or next to a larger Christmas present as a sweet little treat!

Of course, Lebkuchen-Schmidt also has the classic Dominos with Marzipan.  They also taste heavenly after Christmas!

Net Weight:  200 g. / 7.05 oz.

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