Lebkuchen Schmidt Choice Chocolate Coated Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen Schmidt Choice Chocolate Coated Lebkuchen


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With these wonderfully soft Gingerbread, made from the finest nuts and coated with the most delicious chocolate, everyone simply has to grab hold of them. During the Advent season, they belong on the coffee table or taste delicious as a dessert or as a snack to supply energy (the many nuts!). It is best to always keep a pack in your desk or in the sweet drawer! As long as it is cool and dry, your Gingerbread will stay fresh for a long time.

The secret of the Chocolate Lebkuchen, from Lebkuchen Schmidt, are the exquisite, high-quality ingredients, the fine dark chocolate coating and of course the traditional recipe, which they have been producing for many decades. This wonderful combination makes the Chocolate Gingerbread taste like home-made. Order in our online shop - they will be delivered to your door in no time at all, and then it's time for you and your family to unpack, take a bite and melt away!

Net Weight: 250 g. /  8.82 oz.

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