Borsari Recioto Wine Flavored Panettone Cake (Hand Wrapped)

Borsari Recioto Wine Flavored Panettone Cake (Hand Wrapped)


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Borsari Panettone with Recioto Soave DOCG Wine (Hand Wrapped) is a real specialty among panettones! The cake is extremely soft and gently flavoured by a renowned sweet wine called "Recioto from Valpolicella". This comes from the raisins that are soaked overnight in the wine, absorbing its aroma, whose resulting sweetness spreads through the panettone during baking. No other candied fruit are found in this panettone so that you may enjoy the full effect. A delicacy out of the ordinary!

All Borsari products are of the finest quality with all-butter recipes with no colors, no preservatives, GMO Free, no chemical additives and no raising agents. Packaged with elegance and originality, enjoy the unexpected taste and surprising softness of Borsari Italian pastries. For when you taste a piece of Borsari Panettone or Pandoro it’s like enjoying a small piece of heaven.

The origin of the prestigious brand “Borsari” takes us to Verona, pandoro’s birthplace. Verona's main gate, "Porta Borsari” (Borsari gate), was named after “Bursarii” (Tax men) who collected duties in the Middle Ages from people entering the town and its marketplace through this gate. In 1902, Master Confectioner Tiziano Golfetti opened his first shop, naming it after the “Borsari” gate. From his industrious hands came out soft pandoro and delightful panettone, as well as many other pastries. To make them even more attractive, he put his nice products into lovely painted boxes. For over 100 years, Borsari keeps pursuing the same goals, producing thousands of excellent cakes, faithful to the tradition that made Borsari great and successful.

Net Weight: 1000g. / 2.2 lbs.
Country of Origin: Italy