Borsari Duck Shaped Cake with Orange Cream

Borsari Duck Shaped Cake with Orange Cream


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The origin of the prestigious brand Borsari takes us back to Verona, Pandoro’s birthplace, a superb town placed on the banks of the river Adige. The building of the famous “Porta Decumana”, one of the most important gates of the town, goes back to the prosperous reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius and gives us an impressive example of Roman’s architecture.

In 1902, Master Confectioner Tiziano Golfetti was feeling this kind of ancient atmosphere, as he opened his first workshop, naming it after “Borsari” gate. Since then, Borsari has continued to produce delicious unique cakes, like this duck shaped pandoro.

Net Weight: 750 g. / 1.65 lbs.
Country of Origin: Italy