Battistero Classic Pandoro
Battistero Classic Pandoro

Battistero Classic Pandoro


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Traditional Italian Christmas butter cake according to the original recipe from leavened dough with an unmistakable aroma with vanilla sugar. Pandoro or pan d’oro means ‘golden bread.’ It is a traditional Christmas bread from Verona that gets its name due to its yellow color. The yellow or golden color comes from the large amount of egg yolks that are in the bread. Pandoro is baked in a special star-shaped mold. Unlike panettone, pandoro does not contain any dried fruits or nuts. When sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar, it has the appearance of fallen snow on a mountain top.

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Net Weight: 750 g. / 1.65 lbs.
Country of Origin: Italy

Best before, but not expired: May 31, 2022