Alexander Herrmann Horseradish & Cranberry Shortbread Biscuits

Alexander Herrmann Horseradish & Cranberry Shortbread Biscuits


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You have certainly never tried such a combination - at least not in the form of a biscuit! The fact that horseradish and cranberries go perfectly together is nothing new: Dips and sauces with the two such contrasting ingredients have long been known in haute cuisine.

Alexander Herrmann, star chef in such haute cuisine, has created something very special from the spicy and sweet duo: delicious shortbread! After all, the native Franconian is known for his extravagant creations, and he has once again demonstrated his wealth of ideas in the bakery of Lebkuchen-Schmidt with the sweet horseradish-lingonberry recipe.

Order the shortbread for your coffee table at home or as a token gift to take to the office or to your friends. Surprised looks are guaranteed - just like the pleasure from the very first bite.

Net Weight: 130 g. / 4.6 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany