Alexander Herrmann Hazelnut & Pumpkin Seed Biscuits

Alexander Herrmann Hazelnut & Pumpkin Seed Biscuits


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Anyone who only knows pumpkin seeds from bread cannot imagine combining the seeds with hazelnuts. They will be taught better by this pastry specialty. Known for his extraordinary recipes, star chef Alexander Herrmann created crispy biscuits with hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds exclusively for Lebkuchen-Schmidt: surprisingly different, surprisingly delicious! And by the way, thanks to the healthy nuts, a sweet snack with almost no regrets.

While pumpkins and therefore pumpkin seeds have not been widespread in Europe for so long (supposedly Columbus brought them with him), hazelnuts in the diet of Europeans have a history of almost ten thousand years. There was even a time when hazelnut bushes grew almost like weeds everywhere. However, that was in the Stone Age.

Besides the nut, the young leaves of the hazelnut are also edible: briefly blanched, they can be filled like grape leaves. Maybe we should also ask for a tip here at Alexander Herrmann?

The fact is, the crispy biscuits are delicious and always fit, whether at the coffee table or as a snack in between.

Net Weight: 175 g. / 6.2 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany