Alexander Herrmann Sea Buckthorn & Malt Shortbread Biscuits

Alexander Herrmann Sea Buckthorn & Malt Shortbread Biscuits


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Sea buckthorn and malt: Here, the north meets the south, with a new flavor that is exceptionally delicious! Alexander Herrmann has always relied on surprising combinations in his biscuit creations for Lebkuchen-Schmidt, and in the sweet and tart shortbread biscuits Sea Buckthorn & Malt he has succeeded in bringing cultures together in a way never before seen.

Sea buckthorn is the sweet and sour, small orange-colored fruit that grows on bushes in the Baltic and North Sea - also known as the "lemon of the North". Sea buckthorn is not eaten fresh, the fruit is especially well known in the form of jam, juice or liqueurs, a popular souvenir from holidays in the north.

Malt, in turn, is the main ingredient of beer, and malt sweets (block malt) are a typical Bavarian product, which most Southern Germans will certainly remember from their childhood.

The Franconian star chef has packed the treasures of the north and the south into a delicious shortbread and baked them into crunch biscuits with a unique flavor. A special treat for all those who like the extraordinary!

Net Weight: 130 g. / 4.6 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany