Alexander Herrmann Almond & Pistachio Biscuits

Alexander Herrmann Almond & Pistachio Biscuits


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Almonds and pistachios - this is how summer tastes in Sicily! In this wonderful crispy biscuit creation, star chef Alexander Herrmann captured the flavors of the two types of nuts, mixed them with the best ingredients and combined them into a crispy biscuit specialty. In Italian and Arabic cuisine, nuts are often combined to make biscuits or sweets. No wonder, because as a duo, the two simply taste heavenly!

But even if we associate pistachios with ice cream parlors in the sun, the nut still comes from the Middle East, and to this day most pistachios for the European market are harvested in Iran. Pistachios are called "happy nuts" in China and "smiling nuts" in Iran. Does she use the "green almonds", as they are sometimes described, with mangoes, among other things.

With this crispy biscuit specialty, Alexander Herrmann has created a delicacy for Lebkuchen-Schmidt that goes well with coffee and tea in summer and winter and tastes simply wonderful.

Net Weight: 175 g. / 6.2 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany