Lebkuchen Schmidt

Lebkuchen Schmidt History

In 1927 in Thuringia, E. Otto Schmidt’s brother accepted a railway car loaded with Lebkuchen specialties as payment from a customer. He sent these items to his brother in Nuremberg to market them. Before selling the contents of the rail car E. Otto Schmidt came upon a revolutionary idea, to create assortments from this consignment and advertise these on a regional and nationwide basis! This is how sales and distribution of assorted Lebkuchen was born. Encouraged and convinced of his success E. Otto Schmidt baked the first Lebkuchen in a small bakery in the southern part of the town in Nürnberg and sold exclusively to private customers.

At this time, and as it is today at Lebkuchen Schmidt, particular importance was given to quality with its secret recipe. Fine raw material such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, honey, chocolate and flour are selected daily to continue with the original process that our fine bakers used in those days.

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