Lebkuchen Schmidt Chocolate Cashew Dream

Lebkuchen Schmidt Chocolate Cashew Dream


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Cashew nuts have a very special taste and are rightly one of the most noble nut varieties. This was, of course, reason enough for the "Lebküchner" (that's what Gingerbread bakers are called) to create an exquisite Gingerbread recipe that does much justice to these extremely tasty nuts. They mixed the finest ground cashew nuts with almonds and other assorted nuts, spread the dough on delicious wafers and, after baking, coated the Gingerbread with an exquisite whole-milk chocolate glaze with cashew chips.

Hand on heart, you already want to bite into such a Cashew-Chocolate-Dream just reading about it!  But be careful! The Cashew Gingerbread is said to be addictive. Maybe that's why you should order a few extra packs? And don't forget all the cashew fans among your friends - give them a Christmas treat!

Net Weight: 300 g. / 10.6 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

Best before but not expired:  March 3, 2022