Puglia Sapori Taralli Pugliesi with Pizza Flavor

Puglia Sapori Taralli Pugliesi with Pizza Flavor


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When I was in Puglia in 2019, I found this snack and it was pure joy, every craving was met.  I found them in every restaurant in a bowl with some olive oil to dip them into.

These delicious Italian crackers are the authentic flavor of Italian pizza.  These treats are made with an extensive choice of healthy ingredients in durum wheat semolina, and extra virgin olive oil, then formed into rings, boiled, and baked until crispy offers an irresistible sensation right from the very first bite. 

Puglia Sapori is one of the most distinguished and eminent companies when it comes to enthralling and breathtaking Italian snacks of the highest quality. Following the Pugliese footprint since 1992, using only top-notch ingredients while excelling at creating products with world-famous olive oil (Puglia region provides 40% of the country’s olive oil), Puglia Sapori is a nation-wide gift that keeps on giving!

Net Weight: 300 g. / 10.58 oz.
Country of Origin: Italy