Borsari Star Shaped Pandoro with Hazelnut Cream and Chocolate
Borsari Star Shaped Pandoro with Hazelnut Cream and Chocolate

Borsari Star Shaped Pandoro with Hazelnut Cream and Chocolate


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Borsari's Star Shaped Pandoro has a decadent Hazelnut Cream filling and is topped with chocolate and fresh hazelnuts. 

The origin of the prestigious brand "Borsari" takes us back to Verano, pandoro's birthplace, a superb town placed on the banks of the river Adgie.

The building of the famous "Porto Decumana", one of the most important gates of the town , goes back to the prosperous reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius and gives us an impressive example of Roman's architecture.

Its current name "Porta Bosari" (Borsari Gate) comes from the latin expression "Bursarii" (Excise Men) who collected duties in the Middle Ages from the people that crossed the gate to enter the town.

If we let our mind's glance to a typical Medieval Faire day with Marketplace, we can easily imagine vendors, merchants, craft artisans, wandering visitors and peasant's taking their burden of wheat, fruits and honey, that millers, bakers and confectioners converted into fine breads and sweet pancakes.

Maybe, in the faraway 1902, Master Confectioner Tiziano Golfetti was feeling this kind of ancient atmosphere, as he opened his first workshop, naming it after Borsari gate! From his industrious and able hands came out soft pandoro and delightful panettone and vanilla flavored cakes with a delicate creamy filling and covered with fine chocolates.  Furthermore, to make them even more attractive, he put is nice products into lovely painted boxes.

Time passed by, but the same care and attention of 100 years ago remain steady at the works of Borsari.  The current owners, Family Muzzi, keep on pursuing the same goals, producing thousands of excellent cakes, faithful to the tradition that made Borsari great and successful.

The Borsari brand speaks to its customers and consumers of exceptional quality, granting them the excellence obtained through the non-stop pursuit of perfection.

Net Weight: 750 g. / 1.65 lb.
Country of Origin: Italy 

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