Mueller Music Box - Oktoberfest Celebration Top
Mueller Music Box - Oktoberfest Celebration Top

Mueller Music Box - Oktoberfest Celebration Top


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Happy with beer - we love that!

Lovers of the Wernesgüne musicians know this saying. The popular program is one of the most successful and consistent entertainment programs on German television. For more than 18 years, over a million spectators have been watching the popular show with Manuela Wolf and Reinhard Mirmseker.

The presentation of our electronic music boxes in one of the popular programs was the reason for the development of our own motif platform with the gift motif. Numerous artists were enthusiastic about it and provided specially selected songs.

With the funny musicians on the counter, who turn to your favorite melodies, you can bring the cheerful mood of the musicians' taverns into your room at any time.

Size: W 6.3 in x H 9.8 in
Country of Origin: Germany 

This electronic music box is equipped with some special features and offers a wide range of applications. The Bluetooth interface enables advanced users to connect to their Windows PC to set additional functions such as the hourly time signal and the alarm time. This music box can only be operated in connection with a motif platform. It consists of approx. 32 individual parts and was made from 4 different types of wood. 4x AAA batteries and a CR1225 button cell are required for operation.

Size: W 7.9 in x H 3.9 in
Country of Origin: Germany 

Music Box and top motif sold separately*