Melitta Porcelain Textured White Pour-Over Coffee Set

by Melitta
Item # H52228025

Melitta Porcelain Textured White Pour-Over Coffee Set echoes the handcrafted tradition of Pour-Over™ brewing. This set is part of the Artisan series and features a distinct textured surface which reflects the custom-crafted individuality that Pour-Over™ brewing offers. This set is designed for neat and attractive countertop storage and includes a textured white porcelain cone brewer with an oyster gray interior, textured porcelain coffee canister with lid, bamboo coffee filter holder and bamboo tray.

Melitta's Artisan Series celebrates their rich and flavorful history. For over 100 years, the Melitta brand has been synonymous with Pour-Over™ brewing. That’s because it was 1908 when a German housewife, Melitta Bentz, made coffee history. Tired of drinking bitter coffee, Melitta poked holes in the bottom of a brass cup and lined it with a sheet of her son’s blotting paper to create the world’s first pour-over™ coffee maker. The result was rich, flavorful, handcrafted coffee. Her invention forever changed the way people brew their coffee. The Melitta brand has been built on their founder’s spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and inventiveness. Melitta remains family owned to this day and is globally recognized as a leader in brewing handcrafted coffee.

Net Weight: 1905g. / 4.2 lbs.