Lebkuchen Schmidt Gift Box with Folding Function

Lebkuchen Schmidt Gift Box with Folding Function


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Gifts at Christmas have a very long tradition.  Presents were first given by Protestants on Christmas Eve as early as the 16th century - Catholics at that time gave presents on December 6th to St. Nicholas, and then it took another 300 years before they also gave Christmas presents to their loved ones.

Since then, year after year we've been thinking: what should we give each other as a present? In the Lebkuchen Schmidt Assortment, there are definitely plenty of options for giving exquisite treats. To save you time, some of our specialities are even already elegantly packaged - for example in this gift box with an exciting folding box function. In golden lettering, we have not only put together Christmas wishes in different languages, but also terms that we all associate with the most wonderful time of the year: from the German words for "family time" to "the smell of mulled wine" and "festive feast". Inside the box: delicacies from our Christmas Bakery, Gingerbread, Spekulatius and much more ...

Give the gift of enjoyment from Lebkuchen-Schmidt!

  • Cashew Chocolate Dream, 300 g.
  • Premium Mini-Marzipan-Elisen- Lebkuchen, 150 g.
  • Fairytale House, filled with chocolate coated Lebkuchen Hearts, 150 g.
  • Spicy Spekulatius Biscuits, 150 g.
  • Nougat Buttons, 175 g.
Net Weight: 925 g. / 2.04 lbs.
Dimensions: 10.6 x 8.8 x 5.3 in.