Lebkuchen Schmidt Oblaten Favorites
Lebkuchen Schmidt Oblaten Favorites

Lebkuchen Schmidt Oblaten Favorites


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A whole kilo of the finest Oblaten Lebkuchen - that is the dream of every Lebkuchen gourmet! For many people, the perfect Lebkuchen is always baked on a fresh wafer, because only through this, the Lebkuchen gets its shape and remains fresh and tender. Furthermore, the flaVOR combination of the fine wafer and the sweet dough is simply irresistible ... Do you also belong to this group? Then we have something special for you!

We have put together our favorite Oblaten Lebkuchen into a parcel weighing several kilograms. So you have the best at hand at once and can decide and enjoy according to your desire, mood and appetite: Do you help yourself to a Punch Lebkuchen with your coffee or one of the fine Elisen Lebkuchen? Pack one Lebkuchen of each kind for the office or take only one of them with you (there is always the danger that your colleagues will simply steal the delicious Lebkuchen from you...)?

But you can also make others happy and give away our popular Oblaten favorites. You will definitely be given thanks!

  • Cashew Chocolate Dream, 300 g.
  • Choice punch Lebkuchen, chocolate coated, 250 g.
  • Choice Lebkuchen in the Lebkuchen Roll, assorted, 500 g.

Net Weight: 1050 g . / 2.32 lbs. 
Dimensions: 8.2 x 9.6 x 4.7 in

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