Lebkuchen Schmidt Hexagonal Elisen Tin 2021

Lebkuchen Schmidt Hexagonal Elisen Tin 2021


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For the best looking gift under the Christmas tree, we have packed our fine Elisen Gingerbread in a beautiful, decorative Hexagonal Tin. You don't need any more wrapping paper, because the Tin is impressive enough in itself! We have embossed it with a high-quality design of various Nuremberg sights.

It's top quality on the outside - and on the inside, too, of course! Inside the Tin, your gift recipient will find eight of the finest Elisen Gingerbread, the empress of all Gingerbread. With at least 25 percent nuts, baked on delicate wafers and covered with crunchy chocolate or fine sugar icing. Makes you want to give the Tin to yourself ... Of course, that's up to you!

You will find many more large and small tins, boxes and chests, deliciously filled perfect for collecting or storing various small and large treasures. Really everyone will be happy about that!

Net Weight:  440 g. / 15.52 oz.
Dimensions: Ø 4.9 x 7.2 in

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