Lebkuchen Schmidt  Elisen Tin 2021

Lebkuchen Schmidt Elisen Tin 2021


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The exquisite Elisen Lebkuchen from Lebkuchen-Schmidt are simply the most delicious gift idea for Christmas or St. Nicholas Day. Or in between. Whenever and to whomever you wish to give Nuremberg delights: The beautiful Gift Tin makes a powerful impression! Inside: Best Elisen Lebkuchen in two varieties (with glaze and with chocolate). Outside: A city view of Nuremberg, the home of Gingerbread, on the lid and a row of elaborately embossed knights on horses. You can't give away Lebkuchen more beautifully - with this, a feast for the eyes and pleasure for the palate come together perfectly! A big plus: The tin keeps the delicious pastries fresh, but is also ideal later on for storing home-made cookies and biscuits.

By the way, Lebkuchen lovers and collectors of unusual packaging will be pleased about the Lebkuchen in an elegant tin. So give them great pleasure and order these delicious gifts right now in our online shop! Psssst... Of course, you can also give yourself a present and enjoy the Lebkuchen.

Net Weight: 330 g. / 11.64 oz.
Dimensions: Size: Ø 4.52 x 5.51 in.