Lebkuchen Schmidt Elisen-Königin (Queen) “Lebkuchen of the Year” Tin

Lebkuchen Schmidt Elisen-Königin (Queen) “Lebkuchen of the Year” Tin


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Elisen Gingerbread may only contain at least 25 % nuts and very little flour. Our Gingerbread of 2021 even top these specifications: The Elisen-Königin (Elisen Queen) Gingerbread have no flour at all in the dough and have a nut content of a crispy-fresh 40 %! The Elisen-Königin Gingerbread is baked on delicious wafers and covered with fine chocolate and topped with chocolate chips - an exquisite treat for every Gingerbread fan!

So that you can gift the fine Gingerbread to your loved ones, four of the Queens are packed in a beautifully designed metal tin that cuts a fine figure at Christmas. Once the Gingerbread has been eaten, the tin can be reused and will always remind you of the delicacies from Lebkuchen-Schmidt.

Net Weight: 285 g. / 10.05 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany