Bad Heilbrunner Herz-und Kreislauf Tea

Bad Heilbrunner Herz-und Kreislauf Tea


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Bad Heilbrunner Herz-und Kreislauf Tea is a Medicinal tea made from hawthorn leaves with flowers.

The beautiful hawthorn tree, with its leaves that look like mini oak leaves and its spiny branches, produces abundant flowers (white or pink) that later create red berries. Hawthorn is primarily known and used as a fantastic tonic for the cardiovascular system.

Traditionally used in adults to support cardiovascular function. The medicinal product is a traditional medicinal product that is registered for its area of ​​application only due to its long-term use, and the user should consult a doctor or other qualified person working in a medical profession if symptoms of illness persist or if side effects other than those mentioned in the package insert occur.

Do not give to children under 12 years old.

There are 8 teabags in the box.

Net Weight: 1.80g. / .07oz.
Country of Origin: Germany