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Tetesept Anti-Stress Sea Salt Bath


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Tetesept Anti-Stress Sea Salt Bath is a special bath additive based on a healthy sea salt base for the regeneration of stress and heavy exercise. It is slightly soluble, alkali-free, and free of preservatives, paraffins, silicones and mineral oils.

The unique tetesept combination includes:
• 100% pure sea salt
• Lavender oil
• lemon balm oil
• Pine oil
• Passionflower

This selected combination of plants was tailored to the specific needs of stress. The essential oils develop in conjunction with the warm water their balancing effect. They help you to switch off and find inner peace. Experience how body and mind regenerate noticeably soothing. In addition, the skin-healthy, all-natural tetesept sea salt with minerals naturally nourishes your skin.

The precious sea salt "La Baleine" used by tetesept is produced, among others, in the salt marshes of France. In combination with water, sun and wind, the natural brine is created, which includes natural minerals and trace elements of seawater. From this, the white gold is gently crystallized.

Use: Add tetesept sea salt to the incoming bath water and enjoy your bath at 36-38 ° C for 10-20 minutes. Rinse the bathtub with hot water after use to remove product residue.

Net Weight: 80 g. / 2.82 oz. 

Country of Origin: Germany

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