Emil Reimann

It was probably the voice of the past that made him baker, for Emil Reimann came from a dynasty of bakers. Emil Reimann was born in 1871 in Gersdorf near Chemnitz. He learned the bakery trade with his brother-in-law and expanded his knowledge with the Konditormeister Seidel in Lichtenstein and the baker master Zerziger in his birthplace Gersdorf.

 His path led young Emil Reimann across southern Germany, Strasbourg, Fulda, to Elberfeld. At the beginning of 1891, the owner of a large bakery, who was pleased with the bright, clear eyes and energetic appearance asked him to join her. She was not disappointed.

As an industrious and skillful collaborator, he worked for the business as if it were his own while far away from his home country, he had forged the first plans for the construction of a modern bread factory, influenced by his progressive workings. Within a few years, he founded Dresdner & Chemnitzer Bakeries and in 1904 received his first award.