Lambertz Biscuit Sensation Cookies

Lambertz Biscuit Sensation Cookies


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Lambertz's Biscuit Sensation box holds a delightful assortment of six (6) fine European cookie favorites.

The following varieties are included in the assortment:

Cracker - Crispy pastry with a fine touch of caramel
Souffle - Fine Crispy Pastry
Almond Cookie - Wafer-thin pastry with almonds and spices
Divina - Crispy Pastry Roll
Stracciatella - Round shortbread with fine dark chocolate chips
Lemon Coin - Tender lemon biscuits refined with a white chocolate decor

Lambertz began as a single bakery in 1688 in Aachen, Germany and has grown to be one of the world's largest cookie companies.

Net Weight: 195 g. / 6.88 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany