Kopernik Torunskie Pierniki Plain Katarzynki
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Kopernik Torunskie Pierniki Plain Katarzynki


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Kopernik Toruńskie Pierniki Plain Gingerbread Katarzynki have a unique taste which is the result of using a considerable amount of natural spices in specially kneaded, fat-free dough. Katarzynki is the iconic shape of Toruński Pierniki® and its form is not found anywhere else in the world. Several legends surround how Katarzynka, or Little Kate, came into existence. One holds that a well-known Toruń gingerbread maker fell ill and asked his only daughter, Katarzyna, to bake the gingerbread. Unable to find the medallion mold needed, she cut circles, which she put in the oven in two rows of three. The circles merged together, creating the scalloped shape that remains popular today.

"Pierniki" (gingerbread) is derived from the Polish word "pieprz", meaning packed with peppery flavor. Traditional pierniki are soft when they first come out of the oven and harden after that. The cookies should be kept in a metal or airtight container to soften.

Toruńskie Pierniki® (Toruń Gingerbread) - the most characteristic symbol of Toruń, Poland that has been known and appreciated throughout centuries all over the world. It has continuously been produced for over 700 years, with the first mention of its baking dating to 1380. Toruńskie Pierniki®, the only genuine one, is a unique product solely manufactured in the Confectionery Factory "Kopernik" (named after Nicolaus Copernicus, the city's native son). Strictly guarded, traditional recipes (the technique of dough kneading, a rich mixture of natural spices), the use of high quality ingredients in production, and, above all, people who for hundreds of years with undiminished enthusiasm and engagement have been taking care of the uniqueness of their product - these are the factors that make Toruńskie Pierniki® so exceptional.

Interested in learning about "The secret of well-aged dough" at Kopernik? Watch this interesting short video!

Net Weight: 100 g. / 3.53 oz.
Country of Origin: Poland