Alexander Herrmann Hazelnut Cocoa Biscuits

Alexander Herrmann Hazelnut Cocoa Biscuits


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Hazelnut and chocolate have been a tried and tested couple for centuries in the bakery, pastry shop and also in the confectionery. This combination is simply delicious, especially when only the best ingredients are used, as is always the case with Lebkuchen-Schmidt.

We asked Alexander Herrmann to create new biscuit recipes, and for one of them the star chef relied on the traditional combination of fresh hazelnuts and the finest chocolate. The result is crispy, sweet biscuits that not only taste great, but are also wonderful sources of energy thanks to the high nut content!

The amino acids contained in hazelnuts are converted in the body into serotonin, the happiness hormone. So order a whole supply of these delicious crispy biscuits so that you can take countermeasures the first time you feel bad!

Net Weight: 175 g. / 6.2 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

Best before, but not expired: February 2, 2022