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Anis de Flavigny Anise Pastilles


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Anis de FlavignyAnis de Flavigny Anise Pastilles are the original and best-selling Anis de Flavigny flavor! The Anise flavor candies, made with all-natural anise extract, are appreciated for their distinct spicy and fresh taste, making freshening breathe delicious! Each candy contains an aniseed center, which is coated with fine layers of sugar and all-natural flavoring. The oval tin represents a love story between a shepherd and his beloved shepherdess.

This candy, consisting of a grain of aniseed coated in sugar, is perhaps the oldest in France, mentioned in a document as early as 872. In the 17th century, when the candy was manufactured by Ursuline sisters, six months were needed to add and dry the successive coats of sugar. Today, the factory is still situated at the heart of the ancient Abbey, but the process is completed in only 15 days.

Net Weight: 50 g. / 1.76 oz.
Country of Origin: France