Bieder & Maier Master Blend Coffee Gift Set -
Bieder & Maier Master Blend Coffee Gift Set -
Bieder & Maier Master Blend Coffee Gift Set -
Bieder & Maier Master Blend Coffee Gift Set -
Bieder & Maier Master Blend Coffee Gift Set -

Bieder & Maier Master Blend Coffee Gift Set


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Bieder & Maier Master Blend Coffee Gift Set contains a set of 2 exclusive porcelain Espresso sized (65ml) cups and 12.5cm saucers, detailed with the Bieder & Maier logo, and 1 250g bag of Master Blend "N1 Fresh" Whole Bean Coffee.

Bieder & Maier Master Blend "N1 Fresh" Whole Bean Coffee is a velvety & refreshing Espresso roast of medium strength, consisting of 100% Arabica beans with balanced aroma & characteristic notes. For "N1- Fresh", the Arabica beans are picked and sorted by hand from selected small farmers in the Santos region of Brazil and Nicaragua. This refreshing blend is reminiscent of young walnuts and moist forest soil.

Bieder & Maier coffee represents the best of a century-old Viennese coffee culture, which in 2011, was declared an intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO. Drinking coffee has a long tradition in Vienna. It began with the Second Turkish Siege of Vienna around 1638. Fleeing the city, the Turks left countless treasures behind, among which the most valuable was probably coffee. It quickly became a very popular drink, preferably in an original Viennese “Kaffeehaus”. In the imperial era of Biedermeier around 1828, numerous Viennese coffee houses were opened. To this day, many still reflect the splendour of days past and in which you can enjoy Viennese Kaffeehaus culture surrounded by velvet and silver. Ever since the old days, painters, poets, philosophers and musicians have spent their days working and hanging out at their favourite Kaffeehaus. People read the paper, enjoyed their coffee and watched the city with its colourful characters. The world outside has changed and coffee has become a worldwide trend product, however in an original Viennese Kaffeehaus you can still feel the grand Viennese tradition.

The Austrian brand Bieder & Maier combines Viennese coffee history with modern barista art. Under the motto “When two worlds meet together,” Bieder & Maier reconnects modern quality and brand values with signature Viennese Kaffeehaus traditions from the 19th century Biedermeier era. Writers, musicians and painters are regulars in Vienna’s coffee houses, enjoying the luxurious atmosphere among crystal chandeliers, velvet chairs and precious silver tableware. At the same time, Vienna witnesses a sensation: The first giraffe is brought to Vienna by the Austrian emperor Franz I. It inspires fashion, songs are written about it and the coffee houses start offering coffee „à la Giraffe“ (giraffe colored). With its influence still having its effects today, combined with the young barista, Valentin Siglreithmaier (aka Maier), Bieder & Maier felt inspired to pay a 21st century tribute to the 1828 Viennese art of coffee.

Bieder & Maier sources its coffee beans from the best growing regions of South America, Africa and India and have close contact with their small farm partners. Staying in close contact with the coffee farmers assures the exclusive quality of the beans in Bieder & Maier blends. Although they have to travel far in search of the best beans, this results in the creation of exquisite tasting coffee through carefully selected quality.

It's in the roasting process that Bieder & Maier coffee shines. Their long roasting procedure takes 22 to 30 minutes. They take almost twice as much time as most other roasters and expose the beans to lower heat. The gentle drum roasting procedure doesn’t make the beans sweat and they can work in peace at developing their soft and velvety taste and harmonic notes.

For more about Bieder & Maier, watch this short video:

Net Weight: 1370 g. / 3.02 lbs.
Country of Origin: Austria