Favols Prunes filled with Prune Cream
Favols Prunes filled with Prune Cream

Favols Prunes filled with Prune Cream


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French Agen Prunes stuffed with Agen Prune cream; the ultimate dessert for the Agen Prune lover; the elegant after dinner treat, to be consumed perhaps alongside cognac or some dessert wine.

What distinguishes these prunes from their California counterparts is their rich flavor and tender texture. California prunes are dried longer and at a higher temperature so they are harder, with a caramelized taste.

Agen prunes are dried just enough to make them keep, leaving them moist and full of flavor. The plum tree was brought to southwest France from China several centuries BC, and dried plums, or prunes, have been a staple of the region ever since.

They are an essential part of the rich cuisine of Southwest France, where they're used in appetizers (with foie gras, in terrines, or stuffed with Roquefort and hazelnuts), in main dishes, with rabbit (lapin aux pruneaux), duck, pork, or beef (daube aux pruneaux), and in desserts (prune clafoutis).

Net Weight: 200 g. / 7.0 oz.
Country of Origin: France

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