Schuster's Ginger Shrub
Schuster's Ginger Shrub
Schuster's Ginger Shrub

Schuster's Ginger Shrub


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Shrub! Ginger consists of fresh organic ginger , organic apple cider vinegar and sugar.

Diluted with ice-cold, sparkling mineral water, the shrub transforms into a delicious ginger lemonade.

Refined with mint and lime juice, an alcohol-free aperitif is created . The apple cider vinegar it contains, which is associated with all sorts of positive effects on health, is also naturally acidic.

Shrub is also a cocktail ingredient! Ginger very popular. So a cocktail that won this shrub! even got 2nd place at a cocktail contest in Beijing!

Shrub is great in the kitchen! Ginger is excellent for refining Asian dishes and goes very well with grill marinades and dips.

Ingredients: Sugar, apple cider vinegar, ginger

Net Weight:  570 g. / 20.10 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany

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