Bionade Soft Drink Ginger Orange
Bionade Soft Drink Ginger Orange

Bionade Soft Drink Ginger Orange


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Whenever you hear the word ginger, you think: 'Oh, that must be really tangy.' Fortunately our Ginger-Orange Bionade is actually pleasantly sharp, wonderfully fruity and not too sweet, all at the same time. Just so tasty!

Ginger-Orange Bionade is absolutely delicious. But there’s so much more to say about ginger: for example, we get our organic ginger from farmers in Xicotepec in Mexico. These farmers grow 200,000 kilograms of the tasty roots every year – mostly in small woodland garden cultivation areas. The woodland environment not only provides our ginger with enough moist but also with shelter to protect it from the sun and storms. That's why the Mexican farmers produce ginger with at least the same high-quality as Asian ginger.

But that´s not it: beyond the cooperation between BIONADE and the Mexican smallholders there is an interesting devolvement in Mexico. We at BIONADE don't use all the produced ginger and that's why we offer the remaining amount to other organic food companies. In this way we developed a responsible economic growth out of our desire to improve farming and the environment. Well done, ginger!

Net Size: .5 L
Country of Origin: Germany