Cakees Classic Cheesecake

by Cakees
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Cakees Classic Cheesecake, from Berlin, is a ready baked Classic American Cheesecake, with a well balanced cream cheese taste and a hint of vanilla. The natural vanilla flavor makes the incomparable, fine taste of this freshly baked and ready to eat Cakees® cake. The slightly brown cheesecake gives off its aroma when opening the package. The popular aroma variation unfolds gently on the tongue and on the palate. The only difference to New York Cheesecake is the firm base of shortcrust pastry, which enables you to eat it right with your hand.

This Cakees cheesecake is a ready baked cheesecake that is shelf stable. It uses 100% natural ingredients, is non-GMO, with no artificial additives (flavors or colors), preservatives or artificial sweeteners. It has 0 g Trans Fat per serving.

Ingredients: 36% cream cheese, sugar, wheat flour, egg, clotted cream, palm oil, canola oil, corn starch, rice flour, wheat semolina, natural vanilla flavour, salt, lemon juice

Since 1922, Stiebling stands for traditional, artisanal baking – for delicious and tasty treats. Cakees are the first and only cheesecakes which are 100% natural, ready to eat, and shelf stable in ambient temperature. Baked fresh in an innovative packaging and immediately after baking air tight sealed, the company has made the cakes shelf stable for more than 6 months. Without any preservatives! The newly developed bake-and-carry packaging is really endurable and perfect for take away.

Net Weight: 453 g / 16 oz.
Country of Origin: Germany