Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs


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1 product

Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs From European Deli

European Deli is a proud to offer a variety of Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs, directly imported from the Anthon Berg company in Ballerup, Denmark. An indulgent treat for all occasions, Anthon Berg originally perfected this product in 1922. This product quickly became a success, and within a couple of years Anthon Berg introduced 12 varieties to choose from. Today, up to 100,000 bottles of Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueur are produced at their production facility each day.

Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs are a high-quality, premium product that is sure to please any chocolate or liqueur lover. Made from the finest ingredients, these chocolate liqueurs are a delicious and unique way to enjoy chocolate. They make a great gift for any occasion, or can simply be enjoyed as a treat for yourself. Shop our collection of authentic Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs today!