Goulibeur Broyé de Poitou with Walnuts

Goulibeur Broyé de Poitou with Walnuts


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Recapture the charm of favorite haunts, full of vitality and bonhomie this season by serving traditional delicacies at the table. Broyé du Poitou, a walnut cake akin to shortbread in consistency is a traditional and delicious treat, made with walnuts to a family recipe from the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. A generous portion to slice and enjoy at home, enjoy a little bit of what you fancy with this authentic Broyé du Poitou with French Walnuts, expertly made and baked according to the traditional recipe in France.

This cookie arrives smartly presented in a charming circular tin, signed off with the maker's mark. Goulibeur, the family tradition. The "Broyé du Poitou's" recipe is passed from one generation to the other in every family and each one has its secret. Brigitte Arnaud-Boué holds the recipe from her grandmother. Since 1976 Goulibeur continues this history of taste and tradition. It follows the rhythm of seasons and family events.

Net Weight: 280 g. / 9.87 oz.
Country of Origin: France