Elderberry Infused Maple Syrup
Elderberry Infused Maple Syrup

Elderberry Infused Maple Syrup


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Giving your tongue a tingle and a mingle sensation of wild berries. Customers may assume that Runamoks Elderberry Infused maple syrup tastes just like all berry flavored products. Then when you stop assuming and start tasting the syrup it leaves you in an elderberry color mystery. You can’t put your finger on it, so you put your tongue back to the test and you love it. A unique concoction that can help bring some life to your pancake mix, and some hot oatmeal. While you're at it try Runamoks delicious recipe for some fluffy pound cake.

Ingredients: Organic Maple Syrup infused with Organic Elderberries
Certified By Vermont Farmers 


Net Size: 250 ml. / 8.45 fl. oz.
Country of Origin: USA