Heilemann Advent Calendar Milk Chocolate with Festive Shapes

Heilemann Advent Calendar Milk Chocolate with Festive Shapes


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Classic holiday designs in silky smooth milk chocolate help you count down the days until Christmas.  

Heilemann produces exquisite fine chocolates, exquisite pralines and lovingly designed chocolate figures piece by piece with much love and care according to their traditional recipes. They use only fresh, natural ingredients of selected origin and quality and consistently dispense with preservatives, artificial colors and aromas. Their extra creamy chocolates are made with pure cocoa butter. Pastry master Karl Heilemann started making the finest pralines by hand in 1955 in a small shop in the Allgäu. The company has expanded many times since then but remains an owner-managed company. With a considerable amount of manual labor, the finest pralines, chocolates, hollow figures and seasonal and seasonal articles are created as a gift or simply to enjoy.

Net Weight:  120 g. / 4.23 oz.
Size WDH: 10.43 in. x 10.43 in. x 7.48 in. 
Country of Origin: Germany